Minecraft 1.18 Server Update

The low-down on the update to Minecraft 1.18 and what it means for the server

Minecraft 1.18 is being released on November 30th! That means some changes coming for the server, this time there are many. I am doing a bit of an overhaul on the server and adding more functionality and features to make the experience more pleasant. Buckle up because this is a long post with a lot of important information.


Minecraft Changes

A lot has changed in Minecraft, check out the wiki page for an extensive list of changes. I will summarize a few though.

  • Terrain generation and world changes
    • Worlds now go up to y=320 and down to y=-64
    • Ore spawning has changed and there are new distribution algorithms. Check out this table for details. Ore generation is increased between certain heights
  • More uses for copper ore now
  • Mountain Goats
  • Changes to cave generation
    • Noodle style and caverns added to improve generation
    • More dungeons, especially below y=0
    • Aquifers now in the game. Local water levels allows for underground lakes
  • Technical Change: Minecraft will now be a little more threaded, providing a performance boost to some systems
  • Simulation vs Render Distance
    • New simulation distance determines how far ticks will occur around the player. This is CPU heavy
    • Render distance is graphical and can allow you to see more terrain than your CPU is processing. This is GPU heavy
  • Multiplayer Sleep functionality
  • Loads of bug fixes

Datapack changes

TNTable Datapack

I have cleaned up the TNTable datapack and removed recipes that are provided through other packs now. Do not worry though, there is not functionality being lost, it is being added elsewhere.

Other Datapacks

Below is the list of datapacks that are going to be included on the server at launch, details on usage will be provided later in the post and a dedicated page will be made. For now, here are the packs you can expect to see on the server. However they are all subject to change without notice.

  • Armour Statues: Book to edit armour stand positions
  • Fast Leaf Decay
  • Custom Nether Portals
  • Cauldron Concrete: Drop concrete powder into a cauldron to make concrete
  • Redstone Rotation Wrench
  • Terracotta Rotation Wrench
  • Player Head Drops: Players drop heads when killed by another player
  • Double Shulker Shells: Shulkers drop two shells instead of one
  • Larger Phantoms: Phantoms get larger the longer it has been since sleeping
  • Spawn TP: Command to teleport to world spawn
  • Home TP: Command to set and teleport to a home spawn
  • Tag: HermitCraft Tag game on the server
  • Dropper to Dispenser: Turn droppers into dispensers
  • Rotten Flesh to Leather: Smelt rotten flesh into leather
  • Sandstone Dyeing: Dye sand into red sand
  • Craftable Gravel, Horse Armour, God Apples, Saddles, Name Tags, and Bundles

Server Map/World Reset 🗺️

To take full advantage of the world and all the changes to generation, the map will be reset to provide a fresh start. This is a great opportunity to make a base in the new caverns that can be 100+ blocks tall, or perhaps you want a secret lair on top of a mountain to make sure nobody can find you. Following the release of PaperMC for Minecraft 1.18, the server will be updated and there will be a launch party of sorts on Discord where we can all join the server and start this new journey together. Keep an eye on Discord for information about that.

Server Changes

There are many changes coming to the server that you can read all about here.

First of all, Phantoms are coming back to the server, and with the Larger Phantoms datapack this will mean that they get larger the longer it has been since you’ve last slept. But do not fret! The newly added teleport functionality should make it easier to get back to your home sweet home so you can snuggle up in bed 🛏️ to keep those pesky nightmare creatures away! Isn’t that exciting?!?



Usage Guide

Alrighty this may be long, but it is important. There will be a page dedicated to this information shortly if I feel that it would help. Otherwise some of this information will also be in the server book so keep that nice and safe.

Name Colours

You get to choose your name colour, and you get to choose your name colour, you ALL get to choose your own name colour!!!! No more having to beg for just the right colour for your name you can do it yourself. Woo!

All you have to do is type in a teeny tiny command. You ready?

/trigger name_color

🤯 Boom, that’s it. You will get a nice little prompt in chat and a list of colours to click on and choose from. Isn’t that simply amazing? I think so.

Armour Statues

Here is a handy dandy YouTube tutorial because I can’t be bothered to type it all out. I will tell you how to get started though so don’t worry. You need to get the book.

To do that, make a Book and Quill and put some random garbage in there. Doesn’t matter. Then sign the book and call it Statues, spelled exactly like that with the capital S. Some magic happens and you’ve got a fancy little book to modify armour stands now.

Redstone and Terracotta Rotation Wrench

The recipes can be found in your in-game crafting book. 📒

Teleportation 🏠

Well well well, I am finally adding in /spawn and /home functionality. Maybe we can get a nice spawn now that it is easy and quick to get there. Anyways, to teleport to spawn use /trigger spawn. Home is a little more complex, first you have to set it. Use /trigger sethome to set your home, and /trigger home to get back there after a long day in the mines, at spawn or wherever you decide to spend your time in Minecraft, I don’t judge.


There are new custom crafting recipes coming to the server. Check out the crafting page for more details!


There are new custom advancements coming to the server. Check out the advancements page for more details!

Woah, I just got some déjà vue there. Anyways…

Hardcore World

Hardcore Minecraft

Wait what? A hardcore world? Why yes, there will be a Hardcore server where you can die and lose your precious hours of work forever. It will launch a few weeks after the regular SMP server and it will get its own post with details on how to join. Yet another thing to be on the watch for.

This is perfect place for players who wish for a bit more of a challenge. This server does not have all the comforts of the regular SMP server, you must survive in pure vanilla Minecraft. Beg others to sleep through the night, deal with phantoms, fight mobs on hard mode. All this and the risk of losing it all if you die! What’s not to love?


Whitelist Audit

I am performing a whitelist audit. Any username that is not spoken for by the map reset will not be added to the whitelist. If you miss the change to get your username on the whitelist before the server starts, do not worry. Message me and I will get you added once again!

David Mallette
Owner and Operator

I have been running servers since 2012, and have made a hobby of server administration.