Hardcore Survival Server

Only the strong survive, and some very careful cowards

Spawn on the hardcore world. A little bit of shelter to make the first night a little easier.

Heyo me again, back with some exciting news about the new hardcore world coming to a server near you on January 22nd.

There isn’t much to say beyond good luck. It is vanilla Hardcore Minecraft. Once you die you are dead, and are stuck in spectator mode. There will be a timer for how long you can spend in spectator mode though. Sitting for too long will get you banned from the server. This is done to prevent abuse.

Rules are simple, don’t be a terrible person, I might even stretch and say be a good person. The moderators will be fairly hands off with this server but will intervene if an issue arises, and we will be much less forgiving on this server.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in Discord, the mods and myself are pretty active there, even at the ungodly hours of the day and night.

Good luck.
Good luck.

How to Join

Joining the new server is simple. Login to the regular server and type /server hardcore. If you want to go back to the main server type /server smp. Easy right? Just make sure that it is after January 22nd otherwise you will be met with an error.

Other Servers

Just a reminder that there are a few servers under the TNTable umbrella. Here is the list with details on how to join as of January 2022.

  • SMP – /server smp
  • Creative – /server creative
  • Hardcore – /server hardcore
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