Server Rules

1. Respect

This server is quite laissez-faire, so long as there is respect and empathy. Respect does not just apply to other players, but to their play-styles, builds, and ideas. Respecting the decisions of the admins as well when intervention is required. Please treat others the way you wish to be treated. Players invest their time, resources, and creativity into the server because they enjoy it. Please be respectful of that.

2. PvP

Combat or harming others and destruction of property is strongly discouraged. Any unwarranted harm or damage will have consequences. PvP in designated areas or when agreed upon by all parties is permitted and encouraged, however consent may be revoked at anytime and must be respected. Self-defense is an acceptable use of force so long as it is an appropriate reaction.

3. Admin Authority

Admins maintain final judgement in all matters. Appeals to admin decisions will always be listened to and considered.

4. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Be responsible and considerate. Your actions will have consequences and sometimes they may not be favourable. Accept it and move on.

5. Spawn

Spawn is a place for public and community buildings or projects. Personal buildings are discouraged and may be demolished/relocated in favour of community projects aimed at developing spawn. Players are encouraged to build and develop spawn the way they see fit. A healthy village at spawn with lots of activity is the goal.

Group projects are a great way to work together to create a beautiful spawn area, as well as appointing a person or committee of spawn planners.