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Here you you will find all the information and updates for the TNTable community and servers.

If you are playing on the SMP server you will find some useful links below to the Server Rules, Advancement Tree, and Custom Crafting Recipes. We use datapacks on the server to enhance our experience, and add custom advancements that celebrate past projects and accomplishments.

Additionally, the TNTable Discord server is a great place to interact with the community and stay up to date with the latest server projects, news, and group builds. Be sure to join so you don’t miss out.

TNTable Community

TNTable Community


The Nerd Table began in 2011 when we needed a Minecraft server for a school project. It has since grown into a gaming community with a Minecraft SMP server, a community developed UHC server, and other game servers by request.

A Brief History of The Nerd Table

In 2011 we needed a server to create a short film in Minecraft. The project was a hit amongst ourselves and teachers, so we continued to use Minecraft for projects when we could. Michael (88were) had dubbed the group “The Nerd Table” or TNTable for short, and the name stuck. The server became available 24/7 in 2012 when I acquired an old Compaq desktop, featuring a whopping 4GB of DDR2 RAM, and an 80GB IDE drive. We have run many different servers through the years such as modded, and a vanilla team death match server. However we always come back to vanilla SMP, and have had an SMP server running through all the Minecraft versions since 2013.

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Coming Soon

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